Our Staff

Management Team

ECA’s professional management team is dedicated to providing quality education, and ensuring ECA has the structure and services available to support its students whilst they study. Our team are strong in their specialist fields and committed to ensuring continuous improvement strategies to provide effective long-term service and quality.

Academic Staff

Our staff are the foundation of ECA. They have an impressive array of experience gathered from many years of teaching vocation and university degrees to international students.

Their aim is to make sure that you learn as much as possible, whether you are here for only two weeks or a year. They use the latest course books, methodologies and techniques to ensure that you improve all areas of your field of study.

Our Colleges aim to provide the best quality education to all students and to set them on the path to success, i.e. a rewarding career and personal achievement. All students are able to meet with the lecturers and tutors for additional consultation and assistance.

The same level of service is provided to all distance (online) students using the following tools:

  • Virtual class sessions
  • Individual and team virtual consultation with the relevant academic staff members
  • Asynchronous consultation via email and other communication tools
    In addition, students can communicate with the relevant Program Directors to request additional academic support.

Student Support and Counselling Services

ECA is proud of its friendly and supportive student services team who come together to offer a great service and experience to all students. Our Student Services team is helpful and provides professional suggestions suitable for each student’s unique situation.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your studies or living in a new country, you are welcome to make an appointment with our professional counselling team. They will discuss your concerns with you and help you find a way to address them appropriately.

Should you fall behind with your attendance or course progress, you may require some counselling to get you back on track. Please ask our Student Services staff to arrange an appointment to meet the relevant staff member.

Need help? Please don’t hesitate to contact our student services team who are looking forward to meeting you.