Caio furthers his career with a Master of Business Accounting

When Caio Barbosa came to Australia two years ago, he wanted to refine his skills and become an accountant.

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The Sky’s the Limit for Master of Business Accounting Graduate

When former professional bobsleigh athlete Antje Bolz decided to expand her career with a Master of Business Accounting qualification, she turned to Education Centre Australia and Victoria University Sydney.

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A unique three-way partnership between Education Centre Australia (ECA), Victoria University and Ganpat University in India is demonstrating that the future of international education is not necessarily restricted to the number of students who are allowed entry visas into Australia each year.

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Students from India and Nepal are now outpacing those from China when it comes to percentage growth across Australia’s international student sector. Read more

Pawan Khatiwada is a recent Bachelor of Business graduate who completed his Victoria University degree through Education Centre Australia (ECA).

Student in profile: Pawan Khatiwada 2018

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Indian Student Numbers Surge with Private Education Partnerships Private education providers who focus on the Indian student market are making a huge contribution to Australia’s booming international student numbers.

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Global Education Partnerships such as those being spearheaded by Education Centre of Australia (ECA) are paving the way for unprecedented growth in Australia’s tertiary education sector. Read more

The important role that university growth partners now play in Australia’s higher education sector is a key talking point this week after over 1,000 higher education decision makers converged on Education Centre Australia’s (ECA) information booth at the Universities Australia conference in Canberra. Read more

The 2018 Universities Australia Higher Education Conference officially commences today in Canberra, with the explicit intent of discussing the changing role that universities will play in teaching, learning and research into the future. Read more

Wednesday, November 22nd 2017, marks a milestone event in Sydney’s higher education sector, with Education Centre Australia (ECA) poised to graduate its 50,000th international student at the Sydney Town Hall.