Student Services.


    Your teacher/trainer can provide you with academic support, as they specialise in specific study areas.  If you are still concerned we suggested you speak to your coordinator by arranging an appointment at reception.


    Cozzy Stay is ECA’s preferred accommodation provider in Sydney. Our students can gain direct support from the Cozzystay office at our campus. Accommodation options are divided into residence and homestay.

    Please visit:


    If you are finding yourself feeling overwhelmed by your study or living in a new country, you are welcome to make an appointment with our professional counseling team.  They will ensure that any concerns you have are addressed in the appropriate manner.

    Should your attendance or course progress become concerning, you may require some counseling to get you back on track.  Please ask reception to arrange an appointment if you receive a warning letter regarding these matters.


    As part of our Professional Year Program and SMIPA courses students are required to participate in an internship.  Our team will help you achieve this part of your course.  See reception to make an appointment as soon as your course commences to maximise your chances of gaining the right internship for you.


    You may be eligible to gain RPL for previous studies at another college or university.  If the competency/module/unit you have completed is exactly the same as the unit to be completed with ECA you may be eligible for the credit.

    If the unit of study is similar but not exactly the same you may wish to apply for RPL, please ask your trainer or reception for an RPL application form. Students applying from overseas can ask for RPL for qualifications or experience they may believe they have. Students can gain RPL prior to enrolment.

    If this occurs the length of the student visa will be adjusted prior to embarkation and DIAC informed. Students can gain RPL after commencing the qualification in Australia. DIAC will be informed and the student visa timeframe will be adjusted. At all times students need to comply with the 80% attendance rule and attend 20 hours face-to-face per week.

    Students cannot apply for RPL or RCC at the end of their course.

    Applications for RPL and RCC attract a review cost of $25.00 per unit.


    Our reception team can arrange most support services that you may require and if they can’t they will be able to direct you to the relevant department.  They are helpful and friendly and look forward to discussing your needs as you complete your studies.